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post: Data Tracing

Track-and-trace systems were designed to provide regulators of all shapes and sizes vital information to promote their mission. Tracking products in “high-risk” industries is essential, but one of the most significant benefits is the ability to trace any product back to its source. For cannabis, this means from the second a seed (or clone) is […]

post: Compliance and Data

The cannabis industry is one of the newest and most regulated industries in the world. Cannabis is in its infant stages, and it has never been more important to see a holistic and comprehensive view of what is happening at each business on a granular level. One fundamental way to gain understanding is by requiring […]

post: Diverting Cannabis from the Supply Chain

According to its definition, diversion is “an instance of turning something aside from its intended course.” For example, a river can be diverted away from a town by a dam. In commerce, diversion is the act of selling goods in a market for which they were not intended, usually without the knowledge or permission of […]