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Financial Institutions

NCS’ predictive analytics quickly identifies high-risk compliance transactions to provide actionable insights saving time and energy.

Financial Institution Specific Challenge

Financial Institutions encounter countless obstacles related to banking high-risk industries. These include changing regulations, non-uniform data standards, and lack of specialized industry-knowledge. The NCS Platform delivers:

NextGen Tools

The NCS Platform features near-real-time monitoring, alerts, and detailed, actionable reports ensuring confidence in decision-making.

Stronger Results

Utilizing the NCS Platform will improve workflows, allowing your team to focus on your clients, creating better relationships, deeper customer insights, and increased productivity.

Increased Transparency

The NCS Platform gives your team a better grasp of your client’s activities and allows auditors to understand your program, risk mitigation strategies, and commitment to compliance.

NCS BSA/AML Capabilities:

Collect & Analyze

NCS collects and analyzes tens of millions of data points weekly. The Analytics Engine automates monitoring and ongoing due diligence analysis at the macro and micro-levels for each of your customers.

Educate & Support

The NCS team brings expertise and experience to train, educate, and support BSA and AML teams.

Alert & Report

NCS’ Analytics Engine has thousands of purpose-built flags that can be adjusted to your program’s goals and monitoring standards with a dashboard of alerts, insights, reports, and exportable data to increase efficiency.


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Voices From the NCS Community

After using the program and watching it evolve over time, I continue to be impressed and amazed by the details and depth of the data delivered through NCS.

NCS helped us go from taking a couple of weeks to review an account with multiple entities in it to be able to do it in one day. I can take data and charts directly from the Platform to include in my ongoing monitoring and write-ups. It’s easy and efficient.

Finance FAQ

At what point in building a high-risk banking program should I reach out to NCS?

Anytime. Even if your financial institution is considering a program, talk to an expert at NCS about lessons learned from similar programs across the country.

How can NCS benefit existing programs?

The NCS Platform can streamline workflows and improve efficiencies across your teams. Reporting and alerts can be integrated into ongoing monitoring, support SAR filing, and audit preparations.

What type of support can I expect to receive from NCS?

Our best-in-class customer support team provides regular check-ins, newsletters, and comprehensive training. NCS’s Support Page, available only to NCS clients, has extensive content to keep you updated with industry red flags and trends.

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