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NCS Platform

NCS provides a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform and expert support services helping regulators and financial institutions to monitor, evaluate, and generate alerts on millions of data transactions each day. At the heart of the NCS Platform sits our patent-pending predictive and behavioral analytics engine that is tuned to maximize impact as it learns, and the datasets grow and evolve.

The NCS Experience

NCS utilizes patent-pending predictive analytics to rapidly identify, score and alert on regulatory issues and unwanted behaviors. The near real-time nature of the NCS Platform enables our clients to take immediate, targeted corrective action.

The Monitoring Process

Collect & Analyze

Collect and aggregate large and diverse data sets that are analyzed in the NCS Analytics Engine

Alerts & Reports

Patent-pending regulatory, predictive, and behavioral analytics alert based on near real-time data

Educate & Support

Best-in-class expert implementation, education and consulting services review and prepare our customers for inspections, program growth, and provide ongoing support

Platform Capabilities


Increase visibility in managing the many types of risk in key areas such as regulatory compliance, deposit ratios, and behavioral monitoring


Rapid identification of anomalous activity across the entire cannabis supply chain while providing insights that guide you in making informed decisions


The NCS Platform works with diverse datasets to provide the most accurate results in the most efficient manner

Industry Metrics

Total Reported Monthly Sales Analyzed
Data records processed weekly
Total Licenses Under Monitoring

The Power of the NCS Blue Box

The NCS Blue Box is derived from NCS’s patent-pending analytics. The analytics draw from a variety of disciplines, including statistics, economics, finance, physics, sociology, and mathematics. From 4D models to our tiered flagging reports, the Engine uses advanced data analytics and models to transform raw data into actionable information.

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