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NCS’ patent-pending predictive analytics rapidly distills vast amounts of data into meaningful, actionable intelligence supporting efficient and effective regulation.

Government Specific Solutions

Ability to monitor, analyze and ensure regulatory and compliance associated with the millions upon millions of transactions across various verticals. The NCS Platform delivers Regulators and Agencies:

Greater Efficiency

Implementing the NCS Platform allows agencies to swiftly and accurately complete the work they were elected to do.

Enhanced Planning

Combining data-driven decisions with enhanced evaluation tools builds a stronger regulatory framework, benefiting the community.

Increase Economic Realizations

Coupling efficiency with planning ensures regulatory agencies can confidently collect and realize revenue expectations. Agencies will know what to expect from their licensees based on data.

NCS Government Capabilities

Collect & Analyze

NCS collects and analyzes tens of millions of data points weekly. The Analytics Engine automates monitoring and ongoing due diligence analysis at the macro and micro-levels for each of your customers.

Educate & Support

The NCS team brings expertise and experience to train, educate, and support BSA and AML teams.

Alert & Report

NCS’ Analytics Engine has thousands of purpose-built flags that can be adjusted to your program’s goals and monitoring standards with a dashboard of alerts, insights, reports, and exportable data to increase efficiency.


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NCS Transparency Project

The Cornerstone of Good Government

The NCS Transparency Project is a collaborative effort between NCS and our regulatory partners. The goal is to increase understanding and awareness of the cannabis industry through public data sharing. The Transparency Project is a publicly available data portal filled with industry insights and valuable information.

Government FAQ

What benefit does working with NCS provide to enforcement teams?

NCS collects, analyzes, and aggregates data for enforcement teams. For any team completing inspections for code, public health, safety, or compliance, we efficiently deliver insights to vast and complex datasets. The NCS Platform enables teams to be more effective, saving valuable time and resources.

What type of information will I be reviewing in the NCS Platform?

NCS collects data from a variety of sources. The NCS Analytics Engine aggregates and analyzes data to identify anomalous behavior. Through the NCS Platform, we deliver insights derived from the Analytics Engine in the form of Alerts and Reports.

What is the Transparency Project?

The Transparency Project is a collaborative effort between NCS and its regulatory partners to increase understanding and awareness of the cannabis industry through public data sharing.

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