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Our Story, Our Team

The NCS Experience

With NCS, you will receive the confidence to manage high-risk businesses whether you are a BSA officer or a regulator. NCS offers a groundbreaking Platform powered by patent-pending advanced analytics that makes understanding data simple in addition to access to industry experts.

Culture & Values

NCS’s culture, as defined by our employees, is an extremely collaborative environment. We value the power of multiple minds and perspectives. We get those perspectives through our employees, who all bring diverse backgrounds. NCS focuses on proactive solutions and continuing to move forward. These elements make for a positively energized, fast-paced, and dynamic workplace.


Working in high-risk industries while a start-up, we strive to own our words, actions, and decisions and acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses. We put our team over the individual.


Speaking directly, honestly, and purposefully starts conversations and ideas that can better the company.


NCS has a constant drive to be better. We strive to find the best solution for ourselves and our clients. Constantly bettering ourselves is our modus operandi.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our team members are willing to try new things, fail, and try again with enthusiasm. We embrace the chaos.


Efficiency is at the epicenter of our company. Time is the only thing money can’t buy. Our clients count on us to do our job in a timely manner.

Meet Our Team of Experts

CEO & Founder

Adam Crabtree

Adam is the Founder and CEO of NCS Analytics, Inc, based in Denver, Colorado. Founded on his belief that data could be used to empower real-time decision-making, NCS has become the market leader in high-risk data analytics. NCS actively monitors over 18,000 cannabis businesses across the country for regulatory agencies and financial institutions. Adam and his team pair one of the most extensive data sets in the industry with patent-pending predictive and behavioral analytics to deliver unapparelled insight and risk mitigation.

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Nassi

Mark has a 20+ year career marrying technology and accounting. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of California-Davis as well as a Masters in Accounting from the University of Colorado-Denver. He co-founded NCS with Adam Crabtree in 2015. Mark is a licensed Colorado CPA.

Chief Operations Officer

Paige Reimers

At NCS, Paige oversees the product team, business operations, as well as client and staff onboarding. She started her career in compliance and operations at both retail and commercial financial institutions. There, Paige learned the importance of risk management and KYC (know-your-customer) and saw firsthand the time and effort it takes to complete ODD (ongoing due diligence) and maintain a healthy high-risk banking program. At NCS, she works hand in hand with the product team to develop and enhance technology solutions to support bankers and regulators in markets across the country.

Relationship Manager

Leigh-Ann Bradley

Leigh-Ann comes from a career in marketing and account management after graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder with a degree in Media Studies. Leigh-Ann has a strong passion for helping others. She looks to create a positive change and encourages others to be their best. Throughout her career, she has seen that success comes from the ability to listen and understand that there is no cookie-cutter approach to building a valuable relationship. At NCS, she works with clients and organization to ensure a seamless and positive experience.

Product Manager

Dani Berger

Dani is a Certified Scrum Master and leads internal product development at NCS. Additionally, she provides operational support, including the creation of internal policies, SOC certification and staff onboarding. Dani began her career in finance and healthcare, where she has learned first-hand the importance of compliance and reliable data. Dani enjoys travelling, hiking in the mountains, photography, and antiques. She is also passionate about her dog and spending time with her family.

Senior Full Stack Developer

Adam Proulx

Adam resides in the beautiful northern valley of California, where he was born and raised. He attended Sacramento State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science. After college, Adam began his career as a Senior Software Engineer and Tech Lead. He has substantial experience working with local governments, including departments of health services, justice, and public safety. As a natural leader with exceptional professional experience and knowledge, Adam executes product enhancements creatively, dazzling internal and external customers. Adam enjoys going to the gym, drinking coffee, spending time with his pets, and watching sports in his free time.

Full Stack Developer

Juan Chico

Juan has always been interested in how things connect, so it made sense when he pursued a degree in computer engineering. While studying, he discovered web development and became enamored with its creative freedom and technical challenges. Since then, Juan has continued to hone his skills as a full-stack developer, specializing in executing some of the intricate data frameworks we use today. Juan is invariably enthusiastic about discovering and adapting to new transformations in the industry. As a result, he has become a highly skilled and sought-after professional who continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in web development.

Lead Data Analyst

Will Krebs

Will is currently a Lead Data Analyst at NCS, directing the analytics team. He is the curator of the rare data sets NCS collects and maps the analytical model evolution alongside the CEO. He graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in physics while mastering diverse data analytics strategies. Will is a Colorado native who enjoys the great outdoors by skiing in his free time.

Data Analyst

Michael Jara

Michael is a member of NCS as a Data Analyst. He spends his time using his R, Python, and SQL skills to assist our analytics team. Outside of work, Michael has finished a master’s degree in Data Science from the University of Denver after earning a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at the University of Colorado Boulder. He spends his free time playing video games, watching sports, and attending concerts

Data Analyst

Alec Horn

Alec attended the University of Colorado, Boulder, where he received a degree in Economics and Business Analytics. He assists the NCS team with his experience in R and Excel, along with a strong analytical mindset. Alec likes to spend his free time in the mountains, hiking and snowboarding, and playing various sports, including basketball and flag football. 

Visualization Specialist

Doug Slagowitz

Doug has a 28-year career in Information Technology providing business intelligence and integration solutions to dozens of midsize and large enterprise companies in the technology, financial, healthcare, state and local government, and manufacturing verticals. He knows what it takes to make a vision become a winning application and is using that experience at NCS. Doug is passionate about his family and spends most of his free time coaching baseball, training in Taekwondo, or attending his sons’ football and soccer matches.

Product and Business Development Consultant

Sharon Hanger

Sharon brings over 20 years of experience in the software and consulting industries to NCS. Sharon started her career as a business analyst and found she had a knack for translating business needs into technical reality. She moved from analyst to project manager to Product Manager where she has used that talent for translation to help multiple companies bring their ideas to market. Sharon now uses her product and operational experience to advise and guide NCS in the continued enhancement of the analytics platform.

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