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post: Buzzwords & Bullsh!t

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools speak because they have to say something.”     -Plato The goal of the NCS blog series has been to give the reader unique insights, be it into the startup life through “Founders Corner”  or a better understanding of a specific methodology or treatment through “Nerding […]

post: Take a Snapshot: Using Vector & Raster Data in Mapping

Spatial relationships have been and always will be a relevant part of life; any piece of data which can be observed in space and time can be mapped and visualized. This geospatial data is typically stored in one of two forms: raster and vector. Raster data is organized as a grid, every square of which […]

post: Unique Program to Track and Trace Dollars in CA Could Pave the Way for a Banking Solution in the US

State and local governments vary greatly in their ability to attract and compensate regulatory personnel that bring institutional knowledge and experience to regulate the nascent Cannabis Industry in their respective spheres of influence. Think about it, the challenge for any state or local government is to find and afford people with the experience and the […]

post: Some Models Don’t Tell the Truth – Using Statistical Models Realistically

“All models are wrong, but some are useful.” This quote, well-known to statisticians, comes from one of the most influential figures in statistics, George Box. The point that Box was making is one that is misunderstood by many data analysts, from novices to experienced researchers: every statistical model is an approximation to reality. To understand […]