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post: Taming the Data Monster

It starts out as a trickle…information that you need to collect about your clients, constituents, applicants, or others. It may be for regulatory purposes, for reporting purposes, for review and approval purposes. It starts to grow as there are more and more sources…as policies change, as markets expand, as new information is required to keep […]

post: The Burden of Data

Every day, new data is coming in from MRBs. Nearly every day, we get a question or complaint about the data being requested. The complaints range from “this is too much of a burden” to “this is proprietary data we don’t want to share.” We at NCS have done our best to collect the smallest […]

post: Analytics Spotlight: Package Quantity

Package Quantity alerts occur and display in the NCS Platform when, according to the data source, an inventory package has a negative remaining quantity. For example, a package of gummy bears initially started with 100, has been sold from, and now reportedly has -10 left (meaning 110 total were sold). How is that possible, you […]

post: Environmental Impact on Outdoor Grow Operations

Skys throughout the West Coast have been filled with smoke the past several weeks and months. At the height of the smoke, the sun was nearly completely blocked out in parts of the country. For cannabis cultivators with outdoor grow operations, this could mean significant changes in their product and process for their current and […]