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The Value of Agile Development


The NCS team is dedicated to consistently bringing our clients new, exciting enhancements and features to the NCS Platform. Researching new analytic measures and adding new reporting features requires coordination across the whole company. NCS Analytics has adopted an agile development process that integrates everyone from the executive team to the data analysts. Agile development provides accountability and awareness of what each person is working on and ensures projects move forward in a timely manner.

Daily stand up meetings provide a short, quick, check-in for all team members to discuss what they are doing, any issues they have run into, and identify what they need to get past roadblocks. Another method that is part of agile development is planning out work to be completed in collections, called sprints. In each sprint, the team identifies what features they can build in a specific amount of time, generally 2 to 4 weeks. Short statements called stories are written that identify specific parts of each new feature, how the parts will be built, and what purpose the features serve in improving the product.

The executive team identifies areas that will provide the most value for clients. The scrum leader who runs the daily stand-ups works with the developers to craft sprints with achievable goals. The analysts and developers coordinate working on stories to get databases populated, data processed, flagging procedures run, and reports developed. The agile development process ensures that new analytic measures, data sources, flags, and reporting features get added to the NCS Platform on a regular basis.

Author Isaac Freitas

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