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Founder Insight: The Power of Informed Conversations


Imagine you are driving down the highway on a clear afternoon. You have the cruise control set to around the speed limit. You’re listening to some music that puts a smile on your face. Out in the distance, you a see a highway patrol car parked on the side of the road.

Instinctively, you tap your brakes, and your cruise control turns off. You slow down. As you pass the officer, you check the rearview mirror, and maybe your heart rate speeds up. Why? You were driving the speed limit. Your car registration is up to date. You were wearing your seatbelt, and you are 100% sober. So why are you paranoid?

An interesting psychological phenomenon takes place when you feel like you are being watched. Many experiments have been performed on this behavior. For example, a child on Halloween taking one piece of candy out of a bowl left on your stoop if they think you are watching, versus taking many if they think they can get away with it. Things like fake cameras, clerks checking receipts on your way out of a store, or even posters with eyes have been shown to reduce crime drastically.

The NCS Platform is a powerful tool. It points out activities that are outside of statistical norms. However, information alone will not improve compliance. The NCS Platform arms its users with detailed reports, flagged data, and valuable insights, giving them the ability to have informed conversations with operators. Reaching out to operators prepared with pieces of data gleaned from the NCS Platform will remind them that they are part of a legitimate industry with rules and reporting requirements – which will, in turn, encourage them to stay compliant.

About the Author Mark Nassi

Mark has a 20+ year career marrying technology and accounting. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of California-Davis as well as a Masters in Accounting from the University of Colorado-Denver. He co-founded NCS with Adam Crabtree in 2015. Mark is a licensed Colorado CPA.

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