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Quality Assurance the NCS Way


Bringing insight to licensee data takes developing top-level reports and ensuring the validity and quality of data from the moment it arrives. NCS receives data from various sources, and each piece of data goes through a series of checkpoints before it is displayed in the NCS Platform.

Upon receipt, the data’s quality is checked to ensure that the correct fields have been included with no vital information missing. This includes checking to see if necessary fields such as sales dates, transfer times, or package labels are present.

Second, data must pass through the appropriate data pipeline. In this step, the data is deduplicated, has new columns calculated, and gets joined up with any other existing data in the database to identify which location and client the information applies to.

Third, the NCS Platform frequently builds aggregate summary data and flag procedures to power the reports in our platform quickly. The summary data provides high-level insights into each company’s activity, and the flags showcase the severity and prevalence of anomalous activity.

Author Isaac Freitas

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