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NCS to Accelerate Compliance Analysis with TidalScale Software-Defined Servers


Denver, June 26, 2018–NCS, the leader in high-risk financial analysis, and TidalScale, the company at the heart of the Software-Defined Server revolution, today announced that NCS will rely on TidalScale’s dynamically sized servers to further its development of advanced analytics for banks and government agencies monitoring transactions in cash-intensive enterprises.

NCS will use TidalScale to power it’s research and development team by utilizing analysis of massive amounts of data— fine-tuning oversight algorithms within cash-intensive industries, such as marijuana related businesses.

More states are diving into cash-intensive industries, creating the need for fast, powerful and cost-effective analytics platforms that will help regulators enforce compliance rules. But growing data volumes often overwhelm existing computing resources, leading to analysis limitations on agencies and financial institutions to determine if a business is compliant.  

“As a fast-growing company, we’ve found ourselves having to process hundreds of millions of transactions, motivating our research division to look for high-performance resources for us to remain the leader in high-risk analysis,” said Adam Crabtree, NCS Founder and CEO. “TidalScale is the ideal solution because it allows us to create servers large enough to handle any analytics workload, entirely on demand, and without a huge capital investment. TidalScale meets all our metrics of price, speed, ease of use and scalability.”

“The unique value of analytics pioneers like NCS is that they can find important needles in haystacks – suspicious transactions, worrisome associations, careless accounting practices – but the haystacks just keep getting larger,” said Gary Smerdon, CEO of TidalScale. “We’re delighted to provide NCS with on-demand access to servers sized to fit any workload at any moment. With TidalScale, NCS can keep its clients compliant and protected, while always keeping a step ahead of the data tsunami.”

About TidalScale, Inc.

TidalScale is the leading provider of Software-Defined Servers. By right-sizing servers on the fly, TidalScale helps organizations achieve results sooner and at a lower cost than traditional scaling options, while bringing new levels of flexibility to data centers. TidalScale’s award-winning solutions deliver in-memory performance at any scale, are self-optimizing, use standard hardware and are compatible with all applications and operating systems – and they achieve all this with no changes to applications or operating systems. TidalScale transforms the economics of the data center and the traditional time constraints of working with big data.  TidalScale is a privately held company with backing from Bain Capital, HWVP, Sapphire Ventures, Infosys, Citrix and Samsung. Learn more at

About NCS

NCS delivers their patent-pending predictive analytics engine to provide banks and regulatory agencies with real-time monitoring and alerts for cash-intensive businesses, including Marijuana-Related Businesses (MRBs). At the core of the firm’s analytics capability are algorithms that aggregate and analyze vast numbers of data points, applying statistical, financial, demographic and economic factors to create simple, easy-to-understand reports.

TidalScale Contact

Chuck Piercey, Product Management, TidalScale, Inc. +1-650-492-6108

NCS Contact

Katie Orong, Marketing & Communications Manager, NCS Analytics, +1-480-208-2960

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