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Cannabis Public Policy Consulting Forms Partnership with California Cannabis Authority


SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 6, 2022 / — Cannabis Public Policy Consulting (CPPC) and California Cannabis Authority (CCA) have launched a partnership to bring expert consulting, the most advanced data analytics, and the most comprehensive and current datasets to cannabis regulation in California. CPPC is the only independent consultancy in cannabis focused exclusively on data-informed development and implementation of legalization policies that are designed to create safe, equitable, and efficient markets that promote economic opportunities and protect public health and safety. CCA is a Joint Powers Authority created by California counties to assist local governments to provide oversight and taxation of commercial cannabis efficiently and effectively through collaboration and access to a sophisticated data analytics platform that delivers current, actionable intelligence and reports on commercial cannabis activity in their jurisdictions, giving regulators the power to make decisions quickly, efficiently, and founded on facts.

“Together, we’re aiming to transform the way counties and cities in California manage cannabis regulation by equipping them with the best practices and tools to make fact-driven decisions,” said Mackenzie Slade, MPH, Director of CPPC. “CPPC and CCA are closely aligned in the belief that data and analytic platforms like NCS Analytics are the key to improving cannabis policymaking and public outcomes. Our offerings will give California’s local policymakers and program administrators access to the leading policy experts and data analytics in the cannabis industry.”

CCA has developed close relationships with its member counties in California as well as participating cities and public agencies. CCA members and participants have access to sophisticated data analytics and policy consulting as they navigate cannabis regulation and taxation issues. CPPC will offer CCA members and participants consulting services at discounted prices and streamlined onboarding of CPPC’s services. CPPC will provide consulting on programmatic structuring for an equitable and competitive market, regulation drafting, tax revenue modeling, and community and stakeholder engagement around cannabis reform. CCA members can utilize CPPC’s expertise for end-to-end program design or solutions to specific challenges.

“Our partnership will help local governments launch new licensing programs tailored to their unique communities,” said Greg Turner, CCA Executive Director and Counsel. “CPPC brings demonstrated experience across states and municipalities that will give local governments essential insights on best practices and a forward-looking view of cannabis markets as they mature. CPPC remains the only cannabis consulting firms in the space that has successfully launched cannabis markets through the use of implementation science.”

“Cannabis Public Policy Consulting is the only firm in the cannabis arena committed to data-informed policies and implementation,” said Adam Crabtree, CEO of NCS Analytics, Inc. “Together, our partnership with CCA will allow us to bridge the gap between policy, implementation and data ensuring that local California markets protect public health and foster public safety.”

About Cannabis Public Policy Consulting
CPPC was established by public health professionals and former controlled substance regulators to embed advanced data science and public health expertise in cannabis policymaking to protect public health and safety, promote equity, and increase cannabis industry sustainability. We provide a menu of consulting and research services to clients across the spectrum of cannabis legalization. Since 2019, CPPC has brought data to decision-making for clients with a presence in more than 20 municipal, state, and tribal governments. Learn more at

About California Cannabis Authority
California Cannabis Authority (CCA) is a Joint Powers Authority whose primary mission is to provide its members access to a sophisticated data analytics platform that delivers current, actionable intelligence and reports on commercial cannabis activity in their jurisdictions, giving regulators the power to make decisions quickly, efficiently, and founded on facts. California counties are members of CCA, and participants are cities and other public agencies who wish to participate in the JPA and receive access to the data platform. CCA is also a community of local governments working cooperatively to more efficiently and effectively regulate and tax commercial cannabis in their jurisdictions. Learn more at

About NCS Analytics 

Since 2015, Denver-based NCS Analytics has operated under its founding principle of empowering real-time critical decision making. By aggregating diverse data streams, NCS provides governments and financial institutions with actionable intelligence to monitor and regulate high-risk industries to prevent fraud and reduce risk exposure. NCS solutions bring a new level of refinement and reliable data to emerging industries. For more information, please visit

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