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Nationwide Compliance Specialists Becomes NCS Analytics


Changes are Effective July 1, 2018

Denver, July 11, 2018–Nationwide Compliance Specialists, Inc., the leader in high risk analytics and monitoring for financial institutions and regulatory agencies is announcing an immediate name change to NCS Analytics, Inc. The name change reflects the company’s new emphasis on analytics and research into the financial components of high-risk and cash-intensive industries.

“The name change reflect two things, the first being the evolution of our company past just “compliance” into a broader goal of financial research and analytics, especially in the cash intensive industry. And the second being the move for a long descriptive name to a short succinct name that we intended to make synonymous with this space,” said Adam Crabtree, CEO and Founder of NCS Analytics.

Click here to see more about what CEO Adam Crabtree thinks about the name change.

NCS Analytics is a leader in high-risk financial analytics and regulation technology. Its patent-pending algorithmic software predicts and analyzes industry trends based on socioeconomic, financial and statistical data to provide the most accurate image of the source of funds. This helps regulators and governmental agencies better understand traditionally high risk industries.

About NCS

Founded in 2015, NCS Analytics, Inc is an advanced data analytics firm based in Denver, Colorado. Powered by their patent-pending predictive analytics engine that sits atop one of the most diverse data sets in the industry, NCS provides comprehensive solutions that aggregate, analyze and report information from a variety of data streams. NCS solutions allow financial institutions and governmental agencies of all levels to discover and recognize economic improvements, security, efficiency, and revenue opportunities around traditionally high-risk industries.

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