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Provided the bill passes, Vermont will be the third state in the northeast to pass marijuana legalization


Nationwide Compliance Specialists (NCS) has an unparalleled understanding of the ins and outs of the legalization process. As lawmakers, like those in the Green Mountain State, work on legislation tied to marijuana legalization, it is NCS’ primary goal to use our proprietary advanced analytics tool to:

  1. Assist in compliance
  2. Support auditors/enforcement agents in catching fraud and concerning trends
  3. Help states capture revenue

NCS is comprised of a team of cannabis experts – from the compliance, banking, and enforcement realms – who, to be clear, are neither for nor against legalization.

It is, however, the opinion of NCS that if legalization is going to move forward, state and local governments must be advised on best practice. Our consultants are passionate about helping governments get it right by learning from the experiences of other states (i.e. Colorado). This helps ensure an implementation and enforcement strategy that supports good government and combats risks from the black and gray markets.

About the Author Adam Crabtree

Adam is the Founder and CEO of NCS Analytics, Inc, based in Denver, Colorado. Founded on his belief that data could be used to empower real-time decision-making, NCS has become the market leader in high-risk data analytics. NCS actively monitors over 18,000 cannabis businesses across the country for regulatory agencies and financial institutions. Adam and his team pair one of the most extensive data sets in the industry with patent-pending predictive and behavioral analytics to deliver unapparelled insight and risk mitigation.

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